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Jerry Savelle

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2022 The Year Of The Open Hand Of God

2022 The Year Of The Open Hand Of God

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"If we will just stay in faith...and expect to see the Hand of God on our behalf, then God will spare us in the midst of everything the rest of the world is going through.” - Dr. Jerry Savelle

Sickness, violence, unemployment, any one of these issues would be more than enough to shake people to their core. So how do we bear the season we are living in now? In this timely message, Dr. Jerry Savelle shares the prophetic word he’s received from God about the days to come and what God is doing in the midst of them. He shares how the Open Hand of God will bring provision in times of lack and what it takes to resist the enemy even when everything seems to be falling apart around you. Prepare to be renewed and get ready to release your faith for divine intervention.

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