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Live in God's Abundant Overflow

Live in God's Abundant Overflow

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The Body of Christ can no longer be satisfied with God merely meeting its needs when He actually desires that we be blessed beyond our wildest imaginations. We have entered a new era of abundant overflow, in which God’s signs, wonders, and manifestations of His goodness are a natural occurrence in this fresh outpouring of His Spirit.

In this compelling and easy-to-read book, Dr. Jerry Savelle lays a solid biblical foundation for God’s prophesied abundant overflow. He also provides the practical information you need to lay hold of all God has for you as he explains:

- Bible faith and how it operates
- How to comprehend and conceive God’s promises
- How to press into God’s promises
- The importance of holding fast to God’s Word

Whether you are recently born again or a seasoned believer, by applying the simple and timeless Bible truths outlined within the pages of this book, you too can experience God’s abundant overflow as never before!

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