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Jerry Savelle

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My Personal Favor of God Journal

My Personal Favor of God Journal

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Over 50 years ago, the Holy Spirit began to teach me about the Favor of God, and in a time of prayer, He said to me, “There will come a day when your name will be known around the world for the Favor of God that is on your life and I will hold you responsible for teaching others how to walk in it as you do”

That has certainly come to pass and people all over the world today know me as “The Favor Man”

The beautiful thing is, you have just as much right to walk in it as I do. This is why I have produced this Journal so that you will become “Favor minded” and begin to expect it to manifest in your life as never before.

The Holy Spirit taught me to declare out loud every time the Favor of God shows up in my life “That’s the Favor of God”.  The more you acknowledge it and declare it, then the more you will expect to experience it.

So write your Favor testimonies in this journal each time it happens.

Talk about it with others and you’ll see it will begin to happen more and more and then you too will begin to be known for the Favor of God on your Life.

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